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The issues we face are complex and cannot be discussed adequately in 140 characters. So, I’ll be discussing issues on this blog as they relate to Multnomah County and the DA’s role.

Advocacy for Victims - Guest Writer Stacy Heyworth

As an advocate for crime victims for 32 years, I want to recognize the upcoming National Crime Victims’ Rights week by telling you why I support Ethan Knight for Multnomah County District Attorney.

While staying home to help stop the spread of coronavirus is necessary, it is important to remember that domestic violence victims (especially children) are at risk as they stay home with their abusers at all times. Hotlines and resources remain available, but for too many people it will not be enough. In the aftermath of this crisis, we need a strong leader with a record of prosecuting the tough crimes and standing up for victims. 

I spent eight years working with Ethan at the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office and in that time Ethan quickly became a standout in the office. His core values include working tirelessly and always doing what is ethical for the right reasons. As an advocate for victims, I admire the way that Ethan sees beyond a crime scene and into the lives of those affected and their families who need support. 

Most importantly, Ethan has always worked to empower victims as they go through the process, with the help of the highly trained Victim Advocates, and by allowing victims a voice in all aspects of prosecution. In a time when supporting victims is and will continue to be even more important, I take comfort in the idea that Ethan will be leading that charge. 

Please join me in supporting Ethan Knight for District Attorney today! 

We are all facing difficult times. But this race, deciding who will lead us through the aftermath of this crisis, is even more important. Please give Ethan your support to ensure crime victims in our community have an advocate in the DA’s office.

Meg Olson