Ethan Knight for District Attorney
A Trusted Leader for Safer Communities

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This race is about leadership.

Our community faces a crisis that is challenging us in unprecedented ways. Our next District Attorney will need to make difficult decisions to keep us safe – prioritizing resources and maintaining services under difficult circumstances.

That will require a leader with proven experience and integrity.

A lifelong public servant, Ethan Knight has worked hard to defend everyday Multnomah County values on the front lines of our justice system, working to keep our communities safe for over two decades. 

From the United States Attorney’s office to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office, Ethan has led the prosecution of some of the biggest cases in Oregon’s history ― protecting our national security, our environment, and our neighborhoods. 

That is why he is trusted by first responders and public safety professionals to look out for those on the front lines trying to keep us safe.

We need Ethan Knight as our next District Attorney.